Browser Compatibilty Issues?      Back to previous

The site has been exercised on a range of desktops running Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers and if you using a mouse to navigate, you should not have any problems.

Whilst the site is responsive to varying display sizes, problems sometimes occur when using mobile phones and tablets that employ 'swipe' rather than traditional 'click' navigation.

I have tested the site on a selection of Android devices using Chrome and Firefox browsers with no problems. I would therefore recommend that you use one of these two browsers that are easily downloadable from the Google Play Store. Native Android web apps have proved to be temperamental.

Please note that on some mobile devices, clicking a pdf link will force a download of the document to your phone or tablet, so look out for a 'Download Complete' message or check your 'Download' directory. Often the document will not open directly in your browser window.