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1. Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting convened on Wed 29th Nov 2023

Click this text to open this pdf document

2. Bonfires
Please note that Bonfires are only permitted between 1st November & 28th February on our site.


Please feel free to explore this site which we hope that you will find both interesting and informative. If you have any questions, comments or feedback we would welcome your contribution, please use the above 'Contact Us' link to submit them.

Allotmenting can be extremely rewarding. There is nothing like harvesting your very own fresh and organic produce and bringing it to the dining table within hours. The difference between fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself and those bought from Supermarkets is amazing. It can also be hard work (but cheaper than a gym!) so you may wish to browse the 'Information' links above to see if allotmenting is right for you.

Our site currently consists of 279 plots of various sizes.
A standard full plot is typically 253m² (10 perch) but is usually sub-divided into two half plots, each approximately 126 m² (5 perch). There are also several smaller plots of 55 to 75 m².

Where are we:

Our site is located in the suburbs of Gloucester, vehicular access is via Cheyney Close off Painswick Road and is adjacent to the lovely Saintbridge Balancing Pond & Wildlife Area.

The nearest postcode is GL4 4PS (click for map)

Please join our Facebook Community Group

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